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About Us

«Norman-Audit» Auditing Company

You want to expand your business? You would like to open up new and promising markets for your company?
We can help
We are a strong and well experienced international auditing company.

Welcome to our homepage.

Have a look at the services we offer.

We always strive to meet our clients’ needs with our large variety of services offered. Why not let us assist you in optimizing your company`s success on an international level? We find the right location for your company in the innovative market of the Russian Federation or the Ukraine and assist you in any possible way in making this market accessible for you. Our aim is to help you to achieve your goals by researching the best options for you.

We are looking forward to being at your service!

Yury Marchenko

How we work

The main feature of our consultancy business focuses on our expertise to choose the area and market most suited to your business venture. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, always in constant communication and cooperation with you and in accordance with the aims and goals you have as we strive to meet your needs.

  • Extent of our services
  • Time of fulfilment
  • Number and qualification of the enlisted staff members
  • Costs and expenses
will be agreed upon in advance.

We deliver the best possible service at the lowest possible cost.

Our Experience

Fields in which our company has obtained broad experience:
  • Mining industry
  • Food and beverage industries
  • Publishing business, graphic industry and reproduction of printing material
  • Metallurgy (production)
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Ship-building
  • Rail and road transport
  • Environmental protection
  • Tourism
  • Chemical industry
  • Manufacturing of musical instruments
  • Manufacturing of jewelry
  • Power, gas and warm water supply
  • Construction business
  • Financial mediation
  • Insurance business (incl. pensions)
  • Trade
  • Real estate
  • State administration
  • Leasing and renting of equipment and machinery
  • Science and research
  • Education
  • Health insurance and social insurance
  • Lodging and communal economy
  • Non-commercial organisations
  • Production and distribution of pharmaceutical products
  • Auditing of financial and other business
Services offered:
  • Verification of optimality without taxation
  • Representation at the tax authorities
  • Consultation
  • Auditing and verification of accountancy reports for annual shareholder meetings and other beneficiaries
  • Auditing with the purpose of protecting owners’ interests
  • Efficiency control of subsidiaries, other dependent companies and external sub-departments
  • Control of account settlements in business transactions
  • Inventory of property
  • Analysis (financial analysis, synergy analysis, analysis in connection with a reduction of staff)
  • Administrative accountancy
  • Investments
  • Market analysis, information about required markets
  • Staff and professional training
  • Accountancy
  • Evaluation of international standards in accountancy
  • Arbitrage, protection of owners’ and investors’ interests
  • Registration, liquidation, reorganisation and takeover of companies
  • Liquidation management
  • Evaluation of property and liabilities (real estate and securities)

"Norman-Audit" Auditing Company

Russia, Saint Petersburg
Phone: +7 (812) 346-67-28