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Management Consulting

Management Consulting is of central importance in the entire range of the consulting business. The principle task consists in providing assistance in the fulfilment of tasks and challenges that have to be solved by the highest rank of the company’s management. Here we are talking e.g. about strategies for the further development of companies, the enhancement of companies’ field of business activity, the opening up of new markets, a diversification of the scope of business, plus a lot more.
An effective solution of these tasks is not easy. Our specialists with their extensive expertise and experience are prepared and in a position to give you support with this.
International financial and tax planning in the organisation and execution of international business
The organisation of business activity abroad involves specific difficulties. Varying laws, incl. tax laws, especially when establishing subsidiaries and representations in some countries, significantly complicate financial planning in the parent company. Our specialists will assist you in setting up an effective system for financial and tax planning, thus improving the efficiency of the entire company.
Fusions and takeovers
  • Market analysis in order to determine possible objects for a takeover
  • Evaluation of the object with regard to its compatibility with the client’s company, incl. synergy analysis
  • Analysis of the current condition of the «target»
  • Evaluation of the «target’s» business success
  • Preparation of the object for takeover (purchase)
  • Prognosis as to the new company’s profits
  • Hostile takeover: organisation of the attack
  • Strategies for the protection against hostile takeovers

Strategies for the restructuring of internal business procedures and guiding assistance in the restructuring as such
Increasing competition among companies leads to higher requirements towards product quality, producer companies and services offered. The central task to be solved is finding a way to simultaneously increase product quality and reduce production costs – that is on the bottom line to increase the company’s profitability. In this connection a restructuring of internal business procedures can entail astonishing results. Restructuring means a rescheduling of all internal procedures currently performed within the company. Our specialists readily assist you in accomplishing this task.

Marketing Consulting
  • Analysis of relevant competitors in the market
  • Analysis of the target market (market capacity, market segmentation)
  • Analysis of products’ competitiveness
  • Effective pricing policy
  • Sales forecast
  • Comments about the desirability of services/products

Consulting in the field of information technology
You may be unaware if it is reasonable to conduct your business on the basis of the current off-the-shelf technology using the corresponding software? We will research and provide advice and, if necessary, recommend alternative solutions.

Consulting in the field of «strategic planning»

Consultation with regard to projected investments

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